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Deerdale Off Road Membership

To join Deerdale Off Road as a club member for the 2014 season, all you need to do is download, print, fill in and send off the following form, complete with payment by cheque.  All the necessary details can be found on the form.  Alternatively, you can bring the form with payment to a Deerdale race meeting or to the Custom Built Racing shop.

2014 Membership is now available, which is valid from the point of joining until 31st Dec 2014.

2014 Deerdale Membership Form

Membership is only £30 for the whole year and entitles you to unlimited use of the track,

within the time restrictions - during the week you can use it from when it is light to when it gets dark

but at weekends and on bank holidays the track may only be used between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm.

To gain access to the track, you need to know the code for the padlock on the gate.  This can be found in the Club Members section of the forum and you will be granted permission to get into this section once your membership form has been processed.  If you have not been upgraded to a Club Member on the forum yet and you think that you should have been, firstly make sure your real name is in your profile and send Jackboot a PM on the forum.

Once you have opened the gate at the track, please close it and lock it behind you.

For insurance purposes, you must be a member of the BRCA to be able to use the track.  If you do not have BRCA membership, you should also download, print and complete the following BRCA membership form.  This should be returned with the Deerdale Off Road membership form, remembering to include the extra amount of £17 with it.

2014 BRCA Membership is now also available, valid from the point of joining until 31st Dec 2014.

2014 BRCA Membership Form

Being a member of Deerdale Off Road also has other benefits, such as discounted race entry fees for the club’s race meetings, currently the difference between paying the full £10 and the discounted rate of just £5 race fees.

There are however some responsibilities as a club member of Deerdale Off Road, you are expected to help the club where possible; whether this means helping with the set up and down of the equipment before and after race meetings, being a volunteer marshal when a race is short of the required number of marshals or coming to the track when there are organised work parties to help with the maintenance and improvement of the track.

Any help you can offer makes YOUR club a better club for YOU to race at.